Welcome to the Secretariat Page of NOTTSMUN – the place where the inner workings of our organization finally see the light of day, albeit in a somewhat underwhelming manner. Here, you’ll uncover the mysterious but often mundane world of our Secretariat, the unsung heroes who keep NOTTSMUN running, albeit at their own unique pace.

General Secretary

Sam Wijesinghe

(3rd year Economy)

I absolutely love MUN. It's more than just debates; it's a journey into the complexities of the world. MUN allows us to connect, explore diverse perspectives, and dive into global issues. I'm dedicated to making NOTTSMUN 2024 an incredible experience, where we come together to tackle real-world problems. Let's make this conference a big success!

Deputy Secretary General

Urszula Jachimowicz

(3rd year Modern Languages and Translation)

I have now participated in MUN conferences for more than 7 years and yet I find that every conference I still learn something new. MUN has taught me so much about leadership and critical thinking and it inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and overcome my fear of public speaking. Through MUN I became passionate about topics that I previously new nothing about and I met some of the coolest people in the world. I'm beyond excited to share my passion with all of you during NOTTSMUN 2024.

USG Publicity

Dorothy Si Tou

(3rd year BA International Relations )

Participating in exciting world affair debate dropping down my normal stance on topics has been an amazing way to learn more about differnet sides, nurturing my skills to quickly gather qualitative information and structuring public speech. I have also met my best mates here.

USG Socials

George Davidson

(3rd year BA History)

What I love about MUN is the opportunity to contextualise real world scenarios in the diplomatic sphere. It is also exciting to meet delegates from other places who share the same passion for international politics. The solving (or not) of these issues together through motions, compromises and resolutions in MUN discussions is world politics on a minor scale. It is fascinating to be a part of a group of people representing a diverse group of countries across several committees with such entirely different aims. Every MUN conference I have attended has produced unique solutions to contemporary and potential international points of debate, which is wonderful to see.

USG Academics

Jamie Tunsley

(2nd year BA Politics and International Relations)

My interest in Model UN began when I first started university. I wanted to find a hobby that would help to grow my communication and debating skills, whilst having a good laugh at the same time. My first conference was NottsMUN 2023, where I naively decided to sit on the Security Council. I found it an amazing experience to meet other people studying in different parts of the country. One of the biggest things that I learnt last year was how to keep calm even when other delegates refuse to agree. This year, my hope is to do everything possible to help everyone have a great conference experience.

USG Delegate Affairs

Scarlett Preen

(2nd year International Relations and Asian Studies)

I love MUN because it’s a community of really great people. It helps me understand IR in much more complex ways as I’m learning about conflicts and issues i’ve never come across before. It also combines my two favourite things politics and arguing!