Level: Advanced

The shot that was heard around the world. On the outskirts of Boston, militias have openly engaged British forces in the first step towards independence for the American colonies, following protests and demonstrations against the oppressive taxation of the Kingdom of Great Britain and the rule of King George III.

The future of the so-called “United States of America” hangs in the balance. The British invasion looms as volunteers and revolutionaries prepare to fight tooth and nail for their self-determination. In Philadelphia, scholars and thinkers light the spark of the nation that will one day burn bright as the beacon of liberty.

Will you manage to repel the British forces, forge alliances across the globe and create a spot for America on the world stage? Or will your fledgling republic collapse into the sea just as soon as it arose? The fate of the Americas lies in your hands.

The American Revolution

Crisis Director: Tom Fallon

This is my 4th and final year with both the Univeristy of Nottingham and the United Nations Society. I can say without a doubt that MUN has given me the best friendships and experiences I could have ever asked for. If I could go back and restart university, I'd do it all again.

Meet our chairs

Albert Salimov

I'm a final year BA Politics and International Relations student at the University of Nottingham. Although I have been exposed to MUN in sixth form, I became involved at the beginning of first year when he joined his university’s MUN society. Since then, I have been a co-treasurer and secretariat member, helping to restart NOTTSMUN following Covid and chairing the Arctic Council committee. Previously, I was a LIMUN 23 delegate representing PRC in the COP committee and Head of the RAIPON delegation at NORMAC 2 at UEA. MUN develops my public speaking and negotiation skills and has created lifelong friendships, as well as exposing me to diverse perspectives on important issues. In my spare time, I enjoy reading on current affairs, volunteering, playing badminton and listening to 70s psychedelic rock.

Niamh Iliff

Hi, I'm a second year Politics and International Relations student at Nottingham and I love politics and debate. For me this is what model UN is all about! The ability to delve into foreign affairs from a variety of views and read into conflicts I may not otherwise have done is brilliant. Being a member of the society for the second year now, it's amazing how much its helped my confidence public speaking and voicing my own opinions, something I'd love to empower MUN beginners to do!