The NOTTSMUN conference is ran by the United Nations Society from the University of Nottingham. In the 2010s the conference would be attended by more than 200 participants every year. However, NOTTSMUN, just like many other conferences and events, was cancelled due to the COVID 19 pandemic and it remained inactive in the years 2020-2022. It was not until March 2023, that a group of brave MUN-loving students, with not much conference-organizing experience brought NOTTSMUN back.

NOTTSMUN 2023 Secretariat

Our now annual conference takes place in Nottingham Park University in March.

Our aim is to be a small conference that brings together students from all across the UK and that offers opportunities for both new and experienced delegates. We want to run relatively small committees, that allow the chairs to give detailed, personalized feedback to each and every delegate. NOTTSMUN focuses on collaboration and finding solutions through dialog and to that aim we wish to create inclusive and welcoming spaces where everyone can be heard.

Our History

First NottsMUN conference.
NottsMUN grows and gains new sponsors, among them are DLA PIPER, Influx, and Experience Nottingham.
Third annual NottsMUN conference.
Fourth annual NottsMUN conference.
Fifth annual NottsMUN conference.
Sixth annual NottsMUN conference with Pavan Suhdev as a Keynote Speaker.
NottsMUN becomes the first European MUN conference to introduce non-English committees in Mandarin, Arabic, and French.
Biggest NottsMUN to date. The conference hosts more than 200 delegates from 50 and delegations from France and Georgia. This is also the first time NottsMUN uses mymun for registration. One of the main guest speakers is John Everard, former British ambassador to the DPRK.
Annual NottsMUN conference, the conference partners with different local hotels and hostels to provide discounts for conference attendees.
Annual NottsMUN conference, NottsMUN continues to expand its reach and creates an Instagram account.
NottsMUN ups the scale and imagination by introducing new fun socials such as the ice skating social. NottsMUN continues to team up with other conferences including ReadingMUN, York MUN, MANMUN, Cardiff MUN, and TRINMUN.
The conference hosts Lord Hannay of Chiswick.
13th annual NottsMUN conference. The conference hosts more than 100 persons from all over England.
NottsMUN is canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The conference will remain inactive for three years.
NottsMUN was brought back in March 2019. The conference size has been reduced to 50 attendees.